In February, 2008 we received a call from a wonderful woman, who was in need of numerous rides to dialysis three times a week, specialists, grocery shopping and other needs. For six years, LAIC volunteers willingly provided Carol with the needed services, which helped her remain independent and in her home until shortly before her passing.

Four months ago Carol decided to forgo dialysis. She was 89, her body was getting tired and she was ready to end this earthly journey. I informed her volunteers so they could visit Carol and say their goodbyes. Carol’s daughter said it was like a revolving door of visitors. I was able to visit Carol and we laughed and cried together. She expressed her thanks for LAIC and how it improved her quality of life. She was so grateful for the many volunteers, their faithful service and the friendships she made. She is not sure what her life would have been like had she not made the phone call to LAIC six years ago.

On my last visit with her I walked in the room and Carol had her eyes shut. I held her hand and told her it was Colleen. She opened her eyes, looked at me and said, “Well what ride are you supplying me with today?” with a giggle in her voice. Carol had her sense of humor to the end.

Carol was a blessing to all of us. We all miss this gracious, humble woman. We are all better for knowing her.

Here is a Thank You letter from Carol’s daughter:

Thanks so much Colleen…the dedication, service and friendship that you and all the LAIC volunteers gave Mom were priceless… It is the way that things should be on the earth. Thank you again for “being there” for my Mom and lightening her load during these last years of her life. May you all continue to be richly blessed and find joy in the work that you are doing for Him.

May God’s blessings be abundant as we all strive to do His will and serve our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Colleen/Volunteer Coordinator.