In the spring, Annette received a call on her interfaith volunteer line. The county was making a request for a volunteer to install a water heater for a woman. It seemed simple and uncomplicated to Annette, as she surveyed her list of volunteer contractors in the area. She made the decision to ask a new member of the interfaith group who was an experienced contractor. Dan agreed to swing over on his way from another job and take a look at the project.

In the morning, a clear sunny day greeted Dan and the volunteer crew as they gathered at the entrance to Grace’s driveway. They were greeted at the door by Grace, even before they could knock. She was as eager as they to begin the project. Soon, the pipes were installed and the electricity was put in place. The project was nearly completed. Quietly, Grace was admiring the new addition to her kitchen and bathroom.

As she offered coffee and sandwiches to the crew, Grace shared a little about her life. She began, “I have lived here eight years in my heated garage with only cold water. Since I had to retire early from my job because of my health, I was grateful to have my own place and bit of land. I’m so looking forward to having the luxury of hot water. You know, I tell everyone that for eight years, I’ve taken a bath like a bird. I heat up a pan of water on the stove, and I wash up the best I can. Then I take the basin of water over to the shower stall and sprinkle the water over me, just like the chickadees in a bird bath. I love watching God’s creatures and how He provides for them.”

A deep silence enveloped the team of volunteers, as Grace finished talking. They were renewed in their effort to finish by the day’s end. As they drove home that evening, they recounted to themselves how blessed they were to have the chance to help Grace.

Later that evening, Dan called Tim, the director of the volunteer program. He shared how the project had developed and concluded. Dan emotionally spoke of Grace’s situation. “I was touched by her simple trust in God. My crew and I went to install a seemingly insignificant water heater. And, that small item will make a world of difference to her. Isn’t it amazing that when you go to help someone, you get so many blessings in return!”